Ever since it was observed that freelancers earn considerably higher wages than traditional employees, a lot of individuals have chosen freelancing as their career paths. In this era where internet governs a large part of our lives, freelancing websites have gained popularity over the years and caught our attention. These platforms provide both the clients and the freelancers with a large number of profiles to choose from.

One of these online freelancing platforms is Oridle. Oridle is a 100% safe and reliable platform for clients to recruit the right freelancer in no time. It is one of the best and safest freelance sites for employers that help you get the perfect return on your investment. An Oridle freelancer is bound to provide quality work and will meet all the demands of the given position as this website acts as a connecting link between freelancers and the clients.

Is Oridle safe?

Oridle is one of the safest platforms in the world of freelancing. The platform is AI powered with a secured and easy to-use interface.  Clients can easily find freelancers for various tasks and hire them without any worry. Oridle believes in having complete transparency between the client freelancer and the Oridle freelancer.  Being a client on Oridle, your money is safe and secure. Oridle freelancers are bound by its policies to deliver for what they have been hired for.

Apart from this, they have an intricately designed privacy policy that enables you to know where exactly your personal information will be displayed. The private information collected is never sold or rented to third party clients. The information associated with clients as well as the freelancers is only disclosed if it is required by the law. Some of the information is automatically collected by the website once you log in. This includes the IP address, device information, browser information, etc.

What is Oridle?

Oridle is a website which provides freelancers with clients. They act as a bridge between the clients and the freelancers. This website makes the jobs easier for both the client and the employee. A client can easily browse through the website for an eligible freelancer who is just fit for the job profile. Often it is difficult for both the clients and the freelancers to find exactly what they are looking for, but Oridle makes this task easier. Oridle is completely transparent and unbiased to both the client and the freelancer, providing a better experience worldwide.

Who uses Oridle?

Oridle is open to anyone above the age of 15 years. Any individual can apply as a freelancer or hire freelancers by posting post jobs online. Both the clients as well as the freelancers use Oridle.  Freelancers are bound to provide quality work and support to the clients for what they have been hired.

How Oridle works?

 A freelancer employer can post project on the website for no charge at all. An employer can post as many jobs as required and get proposals from expert freelancers. Once the job is online, it is open for bidding for freelancers on the website. The profile of the bidder shows the country they are applying from, the budget they have proposed. This is generally less than what the employer posts for the job, number of days of free support, and the delivery date for the Job.

The employer can interview the Oridle freelancer before hiring and choose them as per their requirements. After this, the website offers free support under which they make sure the freelancers employers get what they need in the stipulated amount of time. Once the job is made, the employer may choose to pay the freelancer if they are satisfied with the quality of work.

Types of freelancers available at Oridle

Oridle has a wide range of freelancing opportunities available for freelancer employers to post project. Clients are likely to find the freelancers they are looking for by posting projects on the website. Below are a few types of freelancers that are found on this website:

1. Accounting & Finance
2. Admin & Management
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Graphics & Multimedia
5. Editing & Designing
6. Legal & Research
7. Software & Networking
8. Social & Lifestyle
9. IT & Web Development
10. Writing & Translation

Safety at Oridle

Oridle is 100% safe to use. Invest your money in Oridle and get your work done by the expert freelancers available on the website. The employers are encouraged to interview the candidates before hiring them so they can access the capabilities of the freelancer. This helps them know in advance as to what type of work they can expect from these freelancers. The payment for the job is done only when the client is satisfied with the work. This way, there is no risk for the employer who is 100% while hiring contractors on Oridle.

Conclusion: Who should join Oridle?

Every business, at some point, requires services that are for a short period. Hiring full-time employees for those services makes no sense. This is when hiring freelancers at Oridle can be a great deal. These expert Oridle freelancers provide quality work for the employers when they post project and prove to be very efficient workers for the business. There is no specific requirement to join Oridle. If you are above 15 years of age and have the capacity to pay, you can be an employer at Oridle. So, what are you waiting for? Join Oridle and get skilled freelancers at a very competitive price.