Driven by Passion

With excitement in his voice, I heard the man explain his desire to travel to a far away land and help people in need. Due to hardships in his early life, his heart longs to help the poor and needy. That desire is not just a thought but a passion that drives him on.

He feels a sense of fulfillment when he thinks of this mission. In fact, it is so strong within him that he must accomplish this. For some time, he dreamed of what he could do and how he would make a difference in the lives of the people he would help. This passion would just not go away, even though others attempted to discourage him.

Blocked by Responsibilities

He has no money, and no organization to back him up. While pursuing his passion, he’s got to take care of his family as they are dependent on him. Both his children are in school and their education is of great value to him. But how could he accomplish all of this? He just couldn’t figure out a way to move ahead.

Traveling to fulfill his passion would be too expensive to begin with. As it is, he was struggling to take care of his family. Providing for his family is a responsibility that cannot be ignored. But a full time 9-5 job is out of the question for him as he would never be able to travel to the destination that’s dear to his heart. It seemed that the combination of all three: His passion, his family, and a full time job cannot all go together.

Freelancing to Fulfil a Driving Passion

Finally, this man found a way to do all three successfully. He made tea and coffee and sold it to workers at construction sites. Then he began selling books door to door and on the trains. Now, he has found a way to sell the books on Amazon. He also set up a small book and stationary shop near his home that his wife manages to run.

During his travels, he picked up a flair for public speaking and began to develop that art. Now, as a frequent public speaker, he also shares his passion and gets others to come along with his passion. Of course, he continues to look for ways to make additional income in creative ways.

If this man had tried to do this with a regular job, he would take care of his family, but nothing else would have evolved. He would never be able to live out his passion. He would have lived a less than fulfilled life. Life would be predictable and simple for him, but he would never be able to fulfill the deepest longings of his heart to help needy people.

What this man is doing is truly freelance work. He has also created several streams of income. He has lots of freedom and is not under the control of an organization with a “boss” breathing down his neck.

Freelancers in History

Historically, almost everyone was a freelance worker. Each family worked and produced products that others would either purchase of barter for other items of their own production. Either they worked individually or as a family to “manufacture” their wares.

This system gave them freedom to set their own hours. They could easily close “shop” and do other things as the need arose. Unfortunately, they did not value vacationing as a system in their society. But they did enjoy so much more freedom to do those things they enjoyed, or anything that was important to them.

Training for Freelancers

This ancient form of freelance work also provided an opportunity for training at no cost. The training was through family apprenticeship where the knowledge and skill are passed on. Getting experience was never a problem as they worked along with other family members.

Today, there are plenty of courses online that can prepare you for any craft that you choose. Numerous reputable blogs and videos by notable people in each field are available on the internet. Some of this training can be expensive, but others are fairly affordable. It is just a matter of searching and sorting through the many options for training.

Industrialization Killed Freelancing

Society went through a major shift in perspective and practice as a result of the industrial revolution. Work and production was taken away from the home and the individual. Factories became the replacement provider for products.

Various companies provided services that once came from individuals and from family industries. That personal, individual touch was also lost. The industrial and corporate structure was established.

Within this structure, you had to appeal to one of these large companies to give you a job so you can take care of your family. How about living your dreams? No such thing as survival was the only focus, and that at the mercy of the big corporations.

Re-Evolution of Freelancing

Now with the vast availability of the internet, freelancing is once again possible. No longer are you limited to the life of a 9-5 employee who is subjected to the large corporate structure.

People have the freedom to choose from a variety of professions and make a living. I think of the old style of families and individuals taking responsibility of their own lives and future.

Once again, people can have their own identity apart from the corporate structure. Freelancers are their own boss. They don’t need to apply for a job and wait to be called for an interview.

Although it’s hard work, one can choose a career or a craft, and develop it as they like. In the old days, people sold to their neighbors and their extended family members. Now, the neighborhood has just expanded to the whole globe. Our neighbors are everywhere through the internet.

The future is bright for those who wish to do freelance work. The only limitation is your mind and its inhibitions. Once you overcome that, the possibilities are limitless.

Sell to Your Global Neighbors

In the old style of freelance, the family already had a clientele, and the younger ones just built on what the previous generation had established. Now, you will have to develop your own clientele. Set out and meet your new “neighbors” across the globe. Join an online group through the various social media to connect with people with your similar passion.

Opportunities are limitless for aspiring freelancers. It doesn’t matter what your trade is, there is a customer waiting for your services. Think of them as your new global neighbors. In fact, it’s easier than walking down the street. It’s at the tip of your fingertips.

Restored Identity and Freedom

Modern freelancing will be an important key to restoring identity and self respect. You are no longer waiting for the big corporations and bosses to notice you. You can take the step to do quality work and make a living on your own. This will have a tremendous impact on people’s self identity.

Large corporations will protect their own self interest and investments by demanding you to be present on their premises the entire day. Hourly employees must be at work for a set number of hours per day regardless of your situation. But as an independent freelancer, you will have the freedom to set your own hours and days. Vacations and emergencies don’t have to be ignored. You have the freedom to live life at your own pace.

Oridle provides a new way to step back to the old way of freedom and self identity known as FREELANCE.