In the next two years leading up to the year 2020 and beyond, the nature of freelancing will develop even further. Its scope and depth will extend to another level, leading to a greater amount of connections and benefits for both the freelancers and clients.

Never has the scope for freelancers been so bright. There will be an increase of freelancers getting into action in the coming years. New clients will see the opportunities and begin to step into this realm as well.

Here below are some vital aspects that are increasing as we look forward to freelancing in 2020 and beyond:

Creating a Steady Cash flow

Moving from a full time job to a full time freelance career can be a challenging task. That shift needs to be gradual, but not impossible. As your freelancing expertise improves, your contacts for freelancing will also increase. The number of clients you attract will improve with time and excellent work.

As we look forward to the 2020’s, increased freelance income will also be possible. As clients come to appreciate your work, word of mouth will spread and others will hire you. Your profile ratings and positive comments regarding your work will increase your income earning possibilities. Gradually you can earn enough to move to part time with your regular job and eventually to full time freelancing.

General Acceptance of Freelance Work

Now, more than ever before, the popular acceptance of freelance work is rising. In the past, this was not so. There was always skepticism on the side of clients and freelancers alike. Many had considered this as a useless endeavor. Most did not even know one person who has done some kind of freelance work. This has created a disruption in developing this as a viable option for people.

There is a certain amount of time required for any venture to take root and to be accepted in the mainstream. But once the industry goes through these phases, everything will change. I believe we can observe each of the steps below and compare with the history of modern freelance work across the globe.

1) Non-Acceptance. Initially, there was a non-acceptance and a complete rejection of the freelance world as something entirely inappropriate. They considered this as a non-option just to be put to the side.

2) Suspicion. Then the projects move to a time of suspicion where there is some questioning about its validity. This is the time people observe others doing the work, but won’t get involved. Along with questioning, criticism may be the prime factor in the suspicion stage.

3) Partial Acceptance. This is the stage where people begin to meddle with a few projects just to get a feel of the whole experience. Some suspicion is still there, but they are now willing to try their hand at freelance work. Positive experiences take these people further and to another level of involvement in freelancing - as a freelancer or as a client.

4) Full Acceptance. Finally, the potential clients and freelancers get to the point of accepting the fact that this is a viable option. At this level, Freelancers will be able to function freely up to their full potential, and clients can get quality work at affordable prices. There is no particular point in time where we can officially declare that there is now full acceptance. Rather it is a gradual development. I believe that by 2020 and even further, we will begin to see this level of acceptance

Increase in availability of resources There were questions regarding the quality of work and the ability of the freelancers to appropriately do the research. But recently, the internet has boomed in numerous countries across the globe. This has opened up the opportunity for learning and research over the internet even further.

Freelancers have the option of doing quality research which used to require a fully equipped library. Now, the library is available on the freelancers laptops and phones. In effect, quality information is now available at practically no cost to the user.

Prestigious universities accept internet resources as an acceptable part of the research for writing Assignments, Projects, Theses, and Dissertations. The Chicago Manual of Style and other writing style manuals offer options for citing internet sources in the footnotes and bibliographies.

Comprehensive training for freelancers

For all types of freelance work, training is available on the internet. Training courses are available at various prices. Premium courses may cost $500 and up, and the more affordable ones may be below $100. Free discussion groups and Youtube videos provide lots of training to equip the freelancers for effective performance.

Anyone willing to search the internet and spend time and effort can benefit from these training resources. Live and pre-recorded webinars are freely available on various sites. If they are filtered appropriately, one can find quality material at no cost.

Support and resource groups

Social media groups centered around Freelancing and writing has picked up momentum and is increasing at a fast pace. Some of these groups are just for connection and support. Others are focused on peer coaching where the group members help each other hone skills needed for their trade.

People helping people has been an important key that is increasing. I believe that by 2020 and beyond, such a helping culture will increase and develop further. Comradery and cooperation will pick up the pace for freelancing.

Variety in freelance work

Freelancing has expanded further from just writing. No longer is it a writers niche. Secretarial assistants, Editing, Proofreading, Legal services, Tec related work, and a wide range of services can now be included in the freelancing spectrum. Even those who rent a room in their house using services like Airbnb can be included in the freelancing camp.

The road to 2020 and beyond is surely an exciting time for freelancers. With a wide array of services and tasks available, many more people can enjoy the freelance arena. It’s time to use our imagination to develop multiple sources of income through a variety of freelancing options.

What are the options before you? Look at the skillsets you have as a person. Which one of those can be used immediately? Sometimes, you may just require a small tweak or further training. Freelancing as we look forward to 2020 and beyond is surely a promising field.

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