Every freelancer is aware that it is not just a walk in the park for anyone to become a successful freelancer. Like any other earning opportunity, the struggle is real in the avenue. However once success came, they leave to enjoy more than they would have under full-time jobs.

Ever felt that you are in control of your life? That feeling of being accountable for your time and with no fixed schedule meant for you to follow. I bet that’s the same mood that runs in every successful freelancer’s life. Generally, people yet to embrace freelancing as many compared to guys competing to take various limited positions in companies and governments. It’s not that freelancing is just simple to come along with; in full-time employment as well as freelancing there is the newbie venture problem. Securing your first job in both cases is not that easy and will never be. Although considering the first job factor, at freelancing it is relatively easier since all you need is to convince the potential buyer that you can deliver and the task may be handed to you unlike in full-time jobs where one needs to present a lot of papers as well as go through a series of procedures before you acquire the opportunity.

Most freelancers claim to have left their full-time jobs and embraced freelancing as a full-time venture. They identify certain factors to be the motivation behind their choice:

1. Freelance is freedom:

This entails both time and money. Freelancers are able to work when they want to and from any location. There isn’t the boss thing thus you become your own boss and avoid crossing paths with some volatile bosses in most salaried jobs. Freelance tasks relatively defined thus after a task completion the buyer confirms the payment and the freelancer is allowed to withdraw their funds whenever they want. This is a great guarantee of financial stability as the individual won’t have to access loans now and then to sustain their daily lives as is the case of salaried employment.

2. Multi-skills capability:

Most probably working for organizations on full-time basis, are hired as per specialty. However, that isn’t the case on freelance tasks as individuals are able to utilize their skills optimally. For example one can be a developer and a data entry expert at the same time; this opens more avenues for the individual to venture. Therefore the skill flexibility is a key earnings booster for almost all freelancers.

3. Multiple jobs:

It is also possible to take up several jobs simultaneously. For freelancers who have embraced the venture as their full time job are aware of the benefits and cons of this. Taking different jobs from different buyers may lead to a robust increase in one’s revenue despite the risks of ruining the seller’s portal once they fail to manage their time well.

4. Social extensiveness:

At freelancing it’s not all about the money as some people will not only enjoy earning a lot of money but also meeting people from the diverse community. Most of these interactions create trust between the interacting parties and also boost knowledge sharing. Some freelancers confirm to have acquired various skills from friends met on freelancing platforms.

5. Low expenses in facilitating work:

To work as a freelancer you would probably need a computer and a working internet connection. Those are the only resources required in addition to your professional skills; Unlike most salaried jobs where an individual has to be at the workplace in time at any cost.

6. An Ocean of Opportunity:

There are readily available jobs on freelancing platforms. It is evident that firms are opting to hand over their tasks to freelance workers than employing full time resources. On freelancing portals, freelancer’s profile is the key selling factor; Therefore, freelancers try their best to provide the best solutions to clients in the struggle to get at least a good review and rating for their profile’s stability. This means quality is 100% guaranteed when dealing with freelance employees thus most employers are turning to hire on these platforms.

The fundamental and optimally enjoyed advantage of freelancing is the freedom. As a freelancer one can work from their home, office or any other location, provided the freelancer has access to the necessary equipments. Actually, the main task of freelancing would be securing your first task, providing quality services to secure a client’s confidence for future jobs as well as earn a positive review. Finally, after becoming a successful freelancer, an individual ought to maintain the standards of their profiles by iteratively providing quality services.

Happy Freelancing at Oridle !!