WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular ways of creating a website or a blog. According to a recent survey, over 34% of all the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. This implies the popularity of the website. Going into technicality, it is basically a content management tool, which helps the user create a site or blog without requiring programming knowledge.

The people who have expertise in using this platform are the options available when one wants to hire WordPress freelancers. Organizations and individuals need them for maintaining and updating their blogs and websites since the overall cost increases with the expansion. Every business, big or small, reaches a point where it needs to hire WordPress Freelancer for their effective online presence. Therefore, knowing the best places to hire WordPress Freelancer can make things simpler. If you wish to know about the best places to hire WordPress Freelancer, keep reading!


Things to looks for when you hire WordPress Freelancer:

When you wish to hire WordPress freelancer, the basic required skills in someone who would be fit for the job would be:

·        Excellent communication skills.

·        Focus and ability to meet deadlines.

·        Relevant skills and expertise of different structures of WordPress.


How to hire the best WordPress Freelancers?

The next aspect is to how to hire WordPress freelancer. Knowing the right places where you can find qualitative applications to hire WordPress Freelancer is essential. To help you out, here are the most popular places where you can find good WordPress Freelancers:


#1: Codeable

Codeable is a website that screens all the developers and provides the guarantee of being risk-free. The hired people are tested, and the employer is backed by Codeable. It refunds the money if the employer is not satisfied with the results. Thus, providing the guarantee for a standardized job. The prices here are what one can call as professional rates.

The main focus of the website is to make the clients of the site hire WordPress freelancers that are apt and best-fit for the tasks of the clients. It is one of the most recommended websites if you wish to hire WordPress freelancers. The only con here is the base rates of this site are pretty high.


#2: Toptal

Toptal works with the best WordPress freelancers, finance, software, and design professionals. They have a rigorous screening process to work with the best in the business. However, this comes with a hefty price tag in comparison to other places that you can use to hire WordPress Freelancer.


#3: Oridle

Oridle freelancing platform and is a great global platform to hire WordPress freelancer. Similar to LinkedIn, one must sign up and apply for jobs. Oridle freelancing platform turns out to be a better and economical way to hire WordPress freelancers since the employer can also have a look at their work if required. This makes communication barriers almost negligible, making it a great way to establish better networks for the tasks.


#4: Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest marketplaces for freelancing jobs. The employer just has to post an advertisement with a clear job description. The prospective job seekers bid for the job. The employer can then choose from the bids. Upwork has detailed profiles of all the job seekers of varied skills and experiences. Thus, the employer can make a call to hire WordPress freelancer on the basis of a lot of parameters. This is one of the diverse ways of hiring those who fit the job profile well. However, this demands a careful selection of the freelancers since every newly registered freelancer is not screened.


#5: Freelancer

Freelancer.com is very similar to Upwork and also boasts of a community of WordPress freelancers and has come across as a great place to hire WordPress freelancers when on a budget. This also gives the employer an opportunity to post the job with description and the job seekers can bid on the job. If the employer likes a profile, they can communicate with the prospective employee and can settle on all the talks. However, this calls for diligent work on the part of the employer.


#6: WPHired

It is a WordPress specific site and allows its users to post for job listings with description and hiring WordPress freelancers. This allows us to look for the job without even signing up on the site. Since the site is WordPress specific, it is easier to find the desired representatives for the job.


#7: WordPress Jobs

This is a site that is maintained and specifically designed by WordPress.org. Jobs are clearly posted and neatly categorized, and one doesn’t even need an account to look for a job! Although a point of concern here is that the jobs are not monitored by people at WordPress. Nonetheless, it is a good way to hire WordPress freelancers.


Finding the best place to hire WordPress freelancers is not that a difficult job. There are various platforms offering the service, and if one knows the specifications to look for, it is easy. Our favorite picks are- Codeable, Toptal, Oridle, Upwork, and Freelancer. Codeable, Toptal, and Oridle freelancing platform being the highly recommended ones. We hope this article helps you in finding your next WordPress freelancer and that you have a great experience with the sites mentioned!