Outsourcing makes your tasks get done easier and quicker. An outsourcing platform connects talented freelancers with potential employers defying the barriers of location and time zones. While sitting on your comfy couch, you can get your projects done or as a freelancer, grab hundreds of project. It frees workers from the chronicles of desk jobs and employers from paying in a cycle.

While there are hundreds of reasons that you should go for an outsourcing platform like Oridle, here are a few most important ones:

- As an employer, you don’t have to go through the hectic and time-consuming process of hiring and training new employees. You don’t have to waste your precious time interviewing and shortlisting hundreds of candidates for just one job. Through the outsourcingplatforms,you gain access to already professional people with a certain set of skills, and you can right away get started on your projects with them instead of training them.

- As a freelancer, you set your own work hours, your workplace and your own projects. In short, you are your own boss.The outsourcing platforms also ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done by various freelancers for the client. They make sure that the freelancers provide quality work for the clients, as per the deadlines everybody has previously agreed upon.

Outsourcing platforms such as Oridle offer a lot of benefits to the freelancers as well as the clients availing the services by the platforms. However, not every platform is same and so do the services and benefits offered by them.

What makes Oridle stand amongst others is its code of ethics and policies laying its foundation. Where other freelancing platforms charge a particular commission upto 20% from both the clients and freelancers, Oridle doesn’t charge any commission from the freelancer. We understand the value of hard work and thus, believe in disbursing the entire earnings to the freelancer without any deduction.

Another problem that we saw amongst other freelancing platforms was that even after delivering the project, the freelancers were required to follow the client for the approval of work. Thus, we introduced the system of SCOPES. Once you deliver all that comes under the scope of your work, after some cooling period, your money is remunerated to you.

For clients, the existing platforms have nothing to handle the problem of late deliveries. What’s the fun of getting the best of the delivery if you can’t get it the right time, isn’t it! This is what Oridle takes seriously and penalizes the freelancer for delivering the work late. Not only that, the penalty amount is transferred to the client’s account. Amazing, isn’t?

Now, you need not worry for any more risks with freelancing platforms. For Oridle has made your professional life simple, or we should rather say, Risk-free!