A desk job requires a fixed routine and staying behind a desk from 9 am to 5 pm – standardized. However, freelancing offers you the freedom of your routine and a flexibility of doing your work whenever feasible within the given time.

In this new age, there are a lot of platforms and sources that support the freelancers and strive to provide as much ease to them as possible. One such platform is called Oridle, that provides a stage where freelancers and clients can interact, and everybody can win.

Some of the advantages of freelancing for the freelancers are:

- You can keep what you earn. When you use platforms such as Oridle to access freelancing work, unlike other platforms, no commission or fee is charged over the earnings of a freelancer.

- The work you will be offered will be protected and you can only accept the offer and start working on the project after the client has provided a detailed information about it.Oridle places certain scopes on the jobs and if you complete them your payment will be protected.

- Oridle also ensures that the client pays in advance for the work so that after the freelancer has done the job they do not have to run after the client to pay them. After a particular time period of job completion from your side, you will also automatically receive the payment even if the client has not yet approved that the work is complete.

- The only human interaction available via Oridle platform is of the customer support available for your service. Everything else is completely automated.

The advantages are not just limited to the freelancers but also for the clients who opt to take up freelancers for their work. Oridleunderstands that clients are also taking a risk with the freelancers and need some measures that can protect them as well.

Oridle provides measures that are very effective for the clients. These measures include:

- Oridle makes sure that the freelancers maintain the deadline they have agreed upon. If the work they send in is later than the agreed timeline, they are penalized, and the penalty amount comes back to the client’s account.

- Clients are also protected via work protection, meaning you can reject the work if it is not up to the standards agreed upon.

- Not only this, the clients get a dedicated support after the job is over.